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Surveys have repeatedly shown that only about 5% of professionals have had any training in “decision-making”. They rely on gut-feel, common-sense, logical conclusions, intuition, etc., to draw conclusions from data and information. There is a plethora of cases where this illusion of knowledge has caused catastrophic failures.

Those who take this course are like “explorers”. We want you to explore the world of decision-making.

We believe everyone in your organization should learn about the perils & pitfalls.
I mean everyone in your organization! Why? – Because they too make decisions every day; and need to know about the Perils & Pitfalls. However low they are in the management rung, their decisions will have an impact on management decisions.

This “Introductory” course will awaken you to the dangers of relying on common-sense and intuition alone, when making decisions that could have serious consequence

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